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ulitsa Bogdana Khmelnitskogo, 55, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Ukrainian / Russian for foreigners for different levels


An intensive Ukrainian/Russian Course at the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry will develop your speaking, listening, reading and writing skills for your business and private life in a short period of studying. The course is recommended for all foreigners who are working in an international Organisation, Embassy or Mission in Ukraine!



Before the beginning of a course the participants will perform a free test to determine the level of knowledge.

You will expect a regular Training in a small group or individually two or three lessons per week.

The course programme includes modern interactive methods, written exercises and conversations combined with aspects of local culture, social, political and international fields. It is adapted to the level of knowledge, needs and preferences of every participant.

Мови навчання

Language of Studying

Our teachers speak English as foreign language. The educators try to minimise the use of English. Only when really necessary (in beginners courses or when explaining grammar) the teacher will shift to English. For the rest, teachers will only speak Ukrainian/Russian with you. That’s how to learn the Ukrainian/Russian!

Час занять

Time of the classes

Two or three times per week, by agreement.


Information about Teachers

We have teachers in Ukrainian/Russian Language with many years of work experience and private practice of teaching Ukrainian/Russian as foreign language for international students, companies and Foreign missions.

Our educators have developed manuals for foreign students, are also co-authors of textbooks, numerous articles in specialized publishing houses. They speak English as foreign language. 

Документ про закінчення

Document of Acomplishment

Certificate of participance



In group: 195,-Euro (payment in UAH according to the exchange rate) – 1 Module (36 academic hours)

Individually: 10,-Euro (payment in UAH according to the exchange rate) – 1 Lesson (2 academic hours)


Членство в Київській ТПП да

Кількість учасників


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ulitsa Bogdana Khmelnitskogo, 55, Kyiv, Ukraine

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Корпоративні тренінги

Карл Йозеф Доез

Тренінги Карла Йозефа Доеза для підприємств Київського регіону

Відомий німецький тренер і коуч д-р Карл Йозеф Доез проведе корпоративні тренінги для підприємств Київського регіону. Основна частина витрат фінансується Німеччиною. Центр бізнес-освіти Київської ТПП пропонує вашій компанії використати цей шанс та зробити заявку на тренінг в інтересах розвитку вашого бізнесу на основі європейського досвіду.


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