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Industrial Energy Efficiency


Industrial Energy Efficiency for local consultants (Intermediate level) is a 4 day intensive training workshop specifically designed to build the capacity of existing consultants working in the field of energy efficiency (EE) in Ukraine and improve standards of the EE projects they implement/deliver.

If you have the engineering experience to advise small and medium-sized companies on how to improve their energy performance, then this course will let you improve your knowledge and skills and learn how to put them to use as a consultant, and strengthen your position in a growing advisory market.

We will help you hone your knowledge of energy efficiency technologies so you can identify the most relevant solutions for your clients. Combining a mix of theory, methodologies and case studies, this course looks at various different industries, including agriculture, cement, food production, glass and paper, and will cover:

  • Energy systems and utilities in industrial environments
  • Co-generation
  • Making greenhouse gas (GHG) emission assessments and calculations
  • Performing an energy audit: methodology, process and reporting
  • Capital investment appraisal and cost benefit analysis of the identified energy efficiency measures
  • The key elements of the consulting process and how to manage the project cycle

At the end of the course, you will know how to perform energy audits in a format which will enable SMEs to prioritise and integrate energy efficiency measures in their investment plans. The course is interactive and discussion based, with a focus on practical tools, exercises and case studies.

The course is highly interactive and discussion based, with a focus on practical tools to be applied to your business. Each section will comprise of a mix of information delivery and practical exercises.


Detailed program and timing of the workshop — in the side menu (EE_Agenda) .

Языки обучения

The course is delivered in English with simultaneous translation into Ukrainian / Russian.

Время занятий

The course is scheduled for 4 intensive training days:

December 5-8, 2017 

from 9 fam till 6 pm


Costas Theofylaktos

A senior energy efficiency expert with long standing experience in training on industrial energy efficiency technologies and energy auditing.

Thomas Filippou

An energy expert with involvement in the area of energy efficiency in industry and with a long track record in delivering the specific training courses for EBRD.

Astghine Pasoyan

An energy economist with international experience in training to different academic and professional audiences.

Oleksander Ovdiienko

An accredited Ukrainian consultant and President of the Association of Energy Engineers of Ukraine.

Документ об окончании

Certificate of the EBRD and EU4BUSINESS project. 


The training course fee is UAH 5,930 and the course will be delivered in English with simultaneous translation.

The price includes training hand-out materials, refreshments and a follow-up consulting/coaching provided two months after the course.

To participate please fill out the online application form by clicking on the link:


Please note that number of participants is limited.




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Декабрь 8, 2017 9:00


улица Богдана Хмельницкого, 55, Киев, город Киев, Украина

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